The C.O.B.B. International society grows continuously... and we are proud of it!
To keep this going in the right direction there have been appointed by founder of C.O.B.B. in March 2017 three "international presidents"  By Name:

Mark Edwards  (International President & President C.O.B.B. United Kingdom)

Michael Hoppe (International President & President C.O.B.B. U.S.A.)

Arthur Elsman (International President & President C.O.B.B. Holland)

To start a chapter in your country, or questions that c.o.b.b. worldwide involved,  you have to contact one of the three international presidents through their secretary.

In order to improve the structure of C.O.B.B. INTERNATIONAL we ask the existing chapters to deposit their information to international presidents. such as board members, how many members, contact information.

* England, Wales, Ireland & Scotland
Mark Edwards (International President & President Albion UK):

* South, Central and North America, Australia, New Zealand & Asia:
Michael Hoppe (International President & president San Diego U.S.A.)

* Europe, Scandinavian countries, Russia & Africa:
Arthur Elsman (International President & President Holland)
Email: - Secretary:

They'll test your request and, with approval,  they will help you with setting up a chapter.
After improval we will send you an application form and a copy of our rules and regs.

If you want to join an existing chapter or other club cases .. contact the local president or Secretary.

* C.O.B.B. membership is open to riders who have been involved in a motorcycle accident, but continue to ride!
* The C.O.B.B. Society is not a MC, and has no wish to become one! We are a Society.
* Many of our members have permanent disabilities following a motorcycle accident; but this is by no means a criterion for membership
* The C.O.B.B. Society is non political, and strives to promote good relations between it’s members and members of the Biker Community.


41959019_1689664947827224_2941829950950342656_n.jpgC.O.B.B. Rainer Valley had a excellent Run yesterday.
Teamed up with ADG MC and StolenYouth to raise money to help fight against Child Sex Trafficking.

We raised $3100 donating back to a local child and family in need. Also donated back to StolenYouth for helping fight Child Trafficking. Great day with the brothers for a helping a good cause.

Had local band in Black Sheperd, food and lots of raffles and give aways. Awesome day! MLLH&R



We welcome Rusty Allen as CONSIGLIERE for COBB International U.S.A.
He and Erik Mul (CONSIGLIERE COBB EUROPE) will take on this task.
Thank you Rusty!






There is a new chapter of the Crippled Old Biker Brothers ( COBB ) opening in Central NJ and we are currently looking for new members. COBB exists in several states & several countries around the world,
COBB is NOT a Motorcycle Club or 1% Club, we're a society, or social club. We do not subscribe to anything other than our own stupidity. We are friends to all who ride, no matter what their affiliation. We remain neutral and show respect to all other organizations. It does not matter what walk of life you come from.
The chapter will be involved in community service type projects and of course getting some wind.
If your interested in hearing more about us, feel free to contact me, Rusty Allen, at:908-930-9307
Rusty Allen on Facebook

I am proud to announce that the Mid Atlantic Chapter of the Crippled Old Biker Brothers
( COBB) has another new member AND Vice President, Michael Manzi.
Please welcome Mike and Cherylynn Pokol to our growing family. Mike's road name is
Preacher, which needs no explanation.
Together Mike and I will be building the chapter and if you think COBB is something that you would be interested in, please contact me, Rusty Allen here on Facebook, or give me a text or call @ 908-930-9307 . Feel free to leave a message and I'll get back to you.





has elected a new Vice President.

Congrads Dave Parsons!



Fellow Bikers, Brothers Worlwide Radek Lyons and his beautiful loving wife Steph A Lyons have been selling these fuck cancer patches with the proceeds going to the families of people with this horrible disease.

Those of you that have bought these paid for and received I thank you. For those of you that have received these that Radek and Steph have paid for out of their own pocket and have not pai...