The C.O.B.B. International society grows continuously... and we are proud of it!
To keep this going in the right direction there have been appointed by founder of C.O.B.B. in March 2017 three "international presidents"  By Name:

Mark Edwards  (International President & President C.O.B.B. United Kingdom)

Michael Hoppe (International President & President C.O.B.B. U.S.A.)

Arthur Elsman (International President & President C.O.B.B. Holland)

To start a chapter in your country, or questions that c.o.b.b. worldwide involved,  you have to contact one of the three international presidents through their secretary.

In order to improve the structure of C.O.B.B. INTERNATIONAL we ask the
existing chapters to deposit their information to international presidents. such as board members, how many members, contact information.

* England, Wales, Scotland, 
Mark Edwards (International President & President Albion UK): 

South, Central and North America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia: 
Michael Hoppe (International President & president San Diego U.S.A.)

Europe, Scandinavian countries, Russia and Africa:
Arthur Elsman (International President & President Holland)
Email: - Secretary:

They'll test your request and, with approval,  they will help you with setting up a chapter.
After improval we will send you an application form and a copy of our rules and regs.

If you want to join an existing chapter or other club cases .. contact the local president or Secretary.

* C.O.B.B. membership is open to riders who have been involved in a motorcycle accident, but continue to ride!

* The C.O.B.B. Society is not a MC, and has no wish to become one! We are a Society.
* Many of our members have permanent disabilities following a motorcycle accident; but this is by no means a criterion for membership
* The C.O.B.B. Society is non political, and strives to promote good relations between it’s members and members of the Biker Communit.



Welkom op de site van C.O.B.B. Holland. 

C.O.B.B. Holland, gevestigd in Zuid-Holland, is de Nederlandse afdeling van een internationale society van motorrijders. Tevens is C.O.B.B. Holland het European Headquarter.
Wil je meer over ons weten... alle informatie over C.O.B.B. vind je op deze website.
Wil jij ook tot deze society horen? Schroom niet en neem contact met ons op!
Je bent meer dan welkom op één van onze club dagen en/of evenementen. Wanneer? Dat vind je in onze agenda.

Veel plezier op onze site!

P.s. Leuk als je een bericht achter laat in ons gastenboek.


Welcome to the site of C.O.B.B. Holland.

C.O.B.B. Holland, located in zuid-Holland and is the Dutch chapter of an international society of motorcyclists. also C.O.B.B. Holland is the European Headquarter.

Want to know more about us ... all about C.O.B.B. can be found on this website.
Do you want to belong to this society? Do not hesitate and contact with us!
You are more than welcome at one of our club days. When? Which can be found under "biker news"

Have fun on our site!

P.S. Nice if you leave a message in our guestbook.